Farglos's butterfly is making headlines for causing a series of baffling deaths. We believe we have found a possible pattern among the victims that may prove you to be a target.

If you see yourself able to bear the terrible truth, take this questionnaire to answer your questions.

1) Have you ever seen these shapes in your eyes?
Eye floaters
2) Have you heard this sound before going to sleep?
As you have some of the symptoms, we will proceed with the rest of the test. First we will proceed with a few simple calibration questions.
3) When do you think it will be the best time of your life?
4) What activity do you do most often?
5) What do you value the most?
6) Are you able to complete this sequence?
Calibration is complete. We can continue, but before we must warn you that only 23% of the participants have successfully completed this test. The rest have abandoned it for unknown reasons.
7: Do you want to continue?
8) Have you ever felt observed?
9) Look around you for a moment. Are you done?
10) Is there anything strange that shouldn't be there?
11) Have you seen where the butterfly has landed at the beginning of the form?
The curse draws evil creatures to you. If you're cursed, you won't be alone tonight.
12) Has any misfortune happened to you recently?
13) And your loved ones?
14) Have you ever dreamed of your death?
The curse changes you. It will bring the worst out of you, to make you crazy and ultimately die.
15) Do you lie often?
16) Do you speak ill of the people you know?
It can also alter your senses, make you see things that are not there. You can no longer trust your own eyes.
17) Can you follow the card and see where it ends?
18) Did you see the frog?

Check second 14

19) What color change do candles undergo?

Check seconds 4 - 12

20) Have you seen the skull?

Check second 15

Once the confusion arrives, you must hide or flee ... although it will always find you. Once marked there is no escape.
21) Can you read what it says?
spin image
22) Can you put the photos in the correct order?
23) Is there a stranger in your house?
24) If you screamed, would anybody hear?
25) If you suddenly went missing, when would someone start looking for you?
26) I have hidden a word in this survey. Can you find it?